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He explains further that motivation refers to the drive and effort to satisfy a want or a goal while satisfaction refers to the commitment experienced when a want is satisfied. Needs are felt, and their intensity varies from one person to another and from time to time, and so does the extent to which they are motivated. help on essay global warming in 500 words Frederick Herzberg went to the extent of asking people to describe in detail the different situation which caused them high or low morale.

The effective performance of a civil service depends on sound recruitment, selection and retention practices. The civil service is mainly organized around the federal ministries, headed by a minister appointed by the President of Nigeria , who must include at least one member of each of the 36 states in his cabinet. water quality dissertations To decrease dissatisfaction in this area, you must begin by making wise decisions when you appoint someone to the role of supervisor. Hygiene issues, according to Herzberg, can not motivate employees but can minimize dissatisfaction, if handled properly.

From what has been said so far, it is clear that motivation is an important tool for achieving organization objectives. Most employees are career civil servants in the Nigerian ministries, progressing based on qualifications and seniority. best writing service websites subscriptions To help them, make sure you have placed them in positions that use their talents and are not set up for failure. On the other hand, process theories try to explain and describe the process of how behaviour is energized, directed, sustained, and finally stopped.

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Recently the head of the service has been introducing measures to make the ministries more efficient and responsive to the public. If individuals believe they are not compensated well, they will be unhappy working for you. Since effective motivation comes from within, by motivating others, the manager can do more than create proper conditions that cause people to do their work willingly.

In addition, the degree of implementation of these motivational strategies in Edo State Civil Service was examined as well as the effectiveness of the identified motivational strategies on the productivity of the Civil Servants in Edo State. To decrease dissatisfaction in this area, you must begin by making wise decisions when you appoint someone to the role of supervisor. Reward loyalty and performance with advancement.

Nigeria gained full independence in October under a constitution that provided for a parliamentary government and a substantial measure of self-government for the country's three regions. If there is one, consider updating it. If you do not have an open position to which to promote a valuable employee, consider giving him or her a new title that reflects the level of work he or she has achieved. GRIN Publishing, located in Munich, Germany, has specialized since its foundation in in the publication of academic ebooks and books. A major change occurred with the adoption in of a constitution modeled on that of the United States.

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A case study of Edo State Civil Service. Since then, various panels have studied and made recommendations for reforming of the Civil Service, including the Margan Commission of , the Adebo Commission of and the Udoji Commission of It is also a perceived reward or incentive that sharpens the drive to satisfy needs. how long does it take to write a phd thesis Man is said to be motivated if his latent energy is directed towards certain goal. Safety needs include protection form physical harm, ill health, economic disaster, and the unexpected.

If there is one, consider updating it. What constitutes civil Society as a crucial cornerstone of liberal Office of the Head of Service of the Federation. our helpers essay in marathi Critically discuss why service businesses sector has grown, but the

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Senate House of Representatives. According to Herzberg, people felt happy when they experience job satisfaction and also motivated and happy through recognition, achievement, responsibility, advancement and work itself. The study revealed that the civil service in Edo State enjoys some motivational incentives from the State Government, although the motivational incentives are rarely implemented in the State Civil Service. What is most important to employee motivation is helping individuals believe that the work they are doing is important and that their tasks are meaningful. Motivation can be referred to as those wishes, desires, and drives etc that stimulate and activate man to do certain things.

A man is motivated to do those things which satisfy his needs. Motivation is an abstract term. A number of symptoms may point to low morale: Retrieved from " https:

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